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kitten plans updated

Welcome to HU*Gallifrey's cattery

breeding Norwegian Forest Cats

We are a family of three behind this young, FIFe registered Norwegian Forest Cat cattery. Our home can be found at the Southern border of Hungary, where we live with our Norwegian Forest cats, bearded collies, house cats, a minipig and a turtle. More >>

IC HU*Gallifrey's Donna Paulsen, JW


Febr 2017
* Plans updated >>
* new photos: Donna

Jan 2017
* Show Brags >>
* 1st normal heart & kidney scan for Klaus
* Kitten plan >>

Oct 2016
* FIFe World Cat Show 2016. #FIFeWS16 Album >>
* FIFe expo Celje/SI, Gyõr/HU, Tulln/AT. Cat Show Album >>
* 1st normal heart & kidney scan for Donna