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Welcome to HU*Gallifrey's cattery

breeding Norwegian Forest Cats

We are a family of three behind this young, FIFe registered Norwegian Forest Cat cattery. Our home can be found at the Southern border of Hungary, where we live with our Norwegian Forest cats, bearded collies, house cats, a minipig and a turtle. More >>

Show News / Autumn, 2016

IC HU*Gallifrey's Tarragon
* Distinguished Variety Merit, DVM*

FIFe cat show Vinicné (SK)

Rinoa Heartilly Laguna Loire*ES:
- 2xEx1, 2xNOM 7/10;
HU*Gallifrey’s Donna Paulsen JW:
- 2xCAC, 2xNOM, 2x BEST IN SHOW;
Poker Uroczysko*PL:
- Sat: CAC, NOM & new Champion, Sun: CACIB

FIFé cat show Tulln (AT)

Rinoa Heartilly Laguna Loire*ES:
- 2 x Ex1, 2 x NOM, BIV & BEST IN SHOW;
IC S*Restless Cinderpaw:
IC HU*Gallifrey’s Caraway JW:
- 2 x CAGCIB, NOM;
HU*Gallifrey’s Donna Paulsen JW:
- Sat: CAC & new Champion, Sun: CACIB

FIFE cat show Celje (SI)

HU*Gallifrey's Bellamy & HU*Gallifrey's Jonathan Murphy 2xEx1, HU*Gallifrey's Octavia 2xEx2
* BEST IN SHOW Litter 3 (out of 6) *
CH HU*Gallifrey's Spiritwalker:
- 2xCACIB, new International Champion
CH Pomelo av Fager
- 2xCACIB, 2xNOM, new International Champion


FIFE cat show Gyõr (HU)

IC HU*Gallifrey's Tarragon;
- 2 x CAGCIB, 2 x BIV and now
Distinguished Variety Merit, DVM

CH HU*Gallifrey's Klaus Mikaelson;
- 2 x CACIB, 2xNOM


Oct 2016
* FIFe expo Tulln/AT (Tilly, Donna, Patsy, Caramel). Cat Show Album >>
* 1st normal heart & kidney scan for Donna

Sept 2016
* FIFe expo Vinicné/SK (Tilly, Donna, Poker). Cat Show Album >>
* 2nd normal heart & kidney scan for Pomelo

August 2016
New photos: Ianto | Poker | Pomelo | Pasky | Donna | Pite | Patsy

May 2016
* 4th normal heart & kidney scan for Cassie, Hedda and 3rd for Pite
* FIFe expo Zilina/SK (Patsy, Lagertha) - Show album